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Data Services

Take advantage of KT’s global network to expand your business.

KT is using its own global network and continues to expand its network coverage over 2,000+ nodes through partners’ NNI connection to provide end-to-end data transmission and IP access services to customers around the world.
* Services Offered: IPLC, MPLS-VPN, Ethernet, Global IDC(Co-location), IP-Transit

Why KT?
  • Extensive Network Reach and Capacity
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Superior Client Service
  • Fast and responsive organization
  • Focused on the needs of corporate enterprises
KT Network Overview
  • No.1 Korea telco with 100% Nationwide Coverage
  • 28 Global Data/IP PoPs in 12 Countries
  • 300+ Carrier Partners
  • 20+ Tbps of capacity over 8 different submarine cable systems
  • Over 2Tbps of International IP backbone
Global Data Network
Global data network map as main-pop with 12 countries, global idc with 2 countries,main-pop is London,Frankfurt,Seoul,Hong Kong[2],Hanoi,singapore[2],Jakarta,Manila,Tokyo,LA,Palo Alto,New York.Global IDC is Seoul,LA
Global IP Network
Global IP network map as main-pop in 12 countries. main-pop is London,Amsterdam,Frankfurt,Maseille,Singapore,Hong Kong[2],Busan,Seattle,Hillsborom,Tokyo,Seattle,New York, Palo Alto,LA
  • International Private Leased Circuit
  • Internet Data Center(Co-location, DIA)
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching-Virtual Private Network
  • Internet Access Service for Wholesale Carriers