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Introducing you the corporate cultural responsibility activities by KT for your better life

  • KT Square
    Introduction to KT Square

    Introduction of KT Square

    KT Square is a 3,200m2-sized (1,000 pyeong) multicultural space opened to the public in May 2010. The KT Square houses a 208-seat hall, "Dream Hall" for variety of performances and provides opportunities to experience an advanced IT technology, 5G, and the latest IT devices.
    It also houses a museum for a 130-year history of communication of Korea, Gallery KT providing a show room for the latest 5G technology, Cafe servicing coffee and various drinks, and M&S store helping joining subscription of KT services and offering consultation

    • Opening hours09:00-20:00 (it applies the same to the weekend and holidays)
    • Admission feeFree
    • Information and Reservation1577-5599 │
    • Location1F. West, Gwanghwamun Building, 178 Sejongdae-ro Jongno-gu, Seoul
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    Space Guide

    • Dream Hall

      A variety of cultural events from lectures to music concerts are provided in this place. The performances in diverse genres refreshing your life, free lectures providing advice for easy use of IT in our daily life, and talk shows by celebrities are presented in Dream Hall.

    • Gallery Future

      5G technology still feels strange and distant. In this space, you can experience how 5G technology from KT is integrated into daily life and makes our life convenient. Please enjoy a direct experience of technologies for medicine, security, energy VR and many others at the Gallery Future.

    • Gallery 130

      KT has long been provided communication services for Koreans from public pay phones that used to work with KRW 10 coins, telephones that was the first one installed in the village, city phones to Korea’s first iPhone for 130 years. At Gallery 130, you can enjoy the communication history from the past and for the future with various exhibitions.

    • Café Lounge

      You can taste the best coffee of the town, enjoying rest and comfort at the Café Lounge. With a pop-up café changing continuously, you can relax yourself in this new place in Gwanghamun.

    • Deck Lounge

      A deck lounge located among the skyscrapers of the city providing a panoramic view of the Gwanghwamun Square is a hot meeting place to offer relaxation and comfort in the midst of busy life.
      Please enjoy outdoor exhibitions that are regularly changed while waiting for your appointment.

    • Service Lounge

      This is a space you can experience a range of products from the latest smart phone to IT and IoT home products and be offered consultation. Visitors can enjoy experiences, purchase products, and be answered with questions with detailed information.

  • KT Chamber Hall
    KT Chamber Hall

    Introduction to the KT Chamber Hall and the KT Chamber Orchestra

    KT Chamber Hall, which was opened in May 2009, as a cultural performer in the western part of Seoul, Which was a classic blind spoit in the Seoul. It is now a classical attraction in the southwestern part of Seoul. "Saturday Afternoon Classical Music with KT" performances are given twice a month. You can enjoy various kinds of classical performances, including the KT Chamber Orchestra, chamber music, chorus and recitals, and the proceeds of the performances are donated to the 'Sorichatgi' project that supports treatment for hearing impaired children. As a result, the KT Chamber Hall won the creativity award at Mécénat Awards 2014 hosted by Korea Mécénat Association, and was selected as the excellent organization in culture and arts sponsorship in 2016 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Arts Council Korea.
    KT Chamber Orchestra has held special recitals at Seoul Arts Center twice a year since 2016 to popularize the classics.

    • Inquiry and reservation1577-4579 / 02-3414-2063
    • Directions 1F, KT Information and Computing Center, 201, Mokdongseoro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
    Go to the KT Chamber Hall. Information on performances Rental information

    Saturday Afternoon Classical Music with KT

    : At 4:00pm on every first and third Saturday

    To popularize classical performances, which people believed to be difficult and expensive, KT has been expanding the base of sharing and classical culture with inexpensive 'Saturday Afternoon Classic music with KT' performances given by top musicians in Korea. Also, for music lovers who cannot come to the concert hall, KT is live-broadcasting the performances and providing VOD service on olleh tv. You are invited to the world of Saturday Classical Music featuring quality performances by top musicians and knowledgeable commentators.

    Performances Regular performances twice a month, about 10,000 attendees a year (all performances are sold out)
    Invitational events for the underprivileged Children in community child centers and multi-cultural families are invited to experience cultural sharing.
    Special performances The underprivileged groups of musicians and musicians with few opportunities to perform can use the KT Chamber Hall free of charge to hone their skills and introduce themselves to the audience.
    Sorichatgi Project The proceeds from ticket sales are used to treat hearing impaired children.
    Classical experience program Since 2012, KT has been providing children every first Saturday with an opportunity to learn about the basics of classical music, view open rehearsals, meet musicians, experience unusual musical instruments and watch performances, thereby increasing their interest in and understanding of classical music.


    • Stage

      The stage of the KT Chamber Hall has a round shape resembling the proscenium (16m×8m). Since the wooden floor was painted after sanding, the best acoustic effects are achieved. To fit the size and characteristics of performances, the KT Chamber Hall has sound reflecting boards with fixed wire ropes, boards, and ceiling sound acoustical shells that consider the stage, acoustic conditions and aesthetics.

    • Acoustics

      There is a space for controlling all the devices related to electro-acoustics in the concert hall.

    • Lighting

      The lighting system control room is located adjacent to the acoustics control room.

    • Waiting room

      There are two waiting rooms, one for orchestra members (6m×12m) and one for guest performers and conductors (4.4m×7m). Each waiting room has a piano for practice, a TV telecasting the performance, and a bathroom, and especially the waiting room for guest performers has excellent soundproofing so that they can prepare for a top performance.

    • Seats

      With 403 seats (including 5 seats for the disabled), KT Chamber Hall provides the audience with a comfortable space for enjoying a variety beautiful classic music.